Monitored Alarms Sussex

Monitored Alarms Sussex. Approved local alarm company with more than 3 decades in the industry installing, repairing and monitoring burglar alarm systems, we use high quality equipment and we are very proud of our reputation in Sussex for customer care. We are Nsi Gold (Nacoss) registered installers so we comply with the regulations required for Level 1 police response to Monitored alarms in Brighton. We are able to assign a unique reference number for your alarm system, that means in the event of a confirmed intruder at your premises the alarm receiving centre will notify the police.this is known often as Police response intruder alarm system monitoring. This is done via an alarm receiving centre for all types of premises in Sussex. We are BT REDCARE and CSL dual coms approved installers for Monitored Alarms in Sussex.

Alarm Monitoring Sussex

Alarms are Monitored by an nsi Gold Alarm Monitoring Station 24hrs a day.

Installation of Monitored alarms in Sussex

We supply and fit monitored burglar alarms on different types of homes and businesses in Sussex. Whether basic  installations or complicated alarms on large buildings. We have over 30 years of experience, this gives us a head start on other installers of monitored alarms in Sussex. Our alarms will not only secure your premises from intruders, but also make sure that in the event of an insurance claim your insurers cannot blame you for not having used all reasonable steps to secure your home or business.

If you have a system installed by us you will get a certificate to show that your alarm system meets all current relevant standards as required by insurers and the police. This covers not just our alarm systems, but also our staff, vehicles, office premises, business procedures etc.

As we have so much experience of installing monitored alarms in Sussex we can be trusted to do this neatly and in an organised manner. We can guarantee that you will like not just our pricing structure but also our customer service.

  • Monitoring Burglar alarms with police response in Sussex

  • Level 1 police response to confirmed alarms

  • Monitoring of Hold up alarms in Sussex

  • Monitored alarms for all sorts of buildings in Sussex